Academia Service

$500 - $1000 : Portfolio Review, Brand Refinement and Direction, Studio Project and Thesis Guidance

  • Limited to 2 months of service including, weekly live video chats

  • Payment Plans Available , Price Negotiable based on need.

  • What will you receive at the end: Peace of mind , a Portfolio vetted by a professional in the industry, A project that unlocks all of your skills to be marketable to future clients.

Professional Service

$3,000+ : Design Ideation, Brand Development, and Marketing

  • Brainstorming, Researching, Analytics, and Manufacturing Assistance

  • Idea must be developed in some way.

  • Limited to 2 months of service.

  • Payment Plans Available

  • What will you receive at the end: A focused idea/product that can be delivered to investors, A presence online that goes beyond social media platforms, targeted experiences to draw more attention and retention to your brand or idea.

Entrepreneur Service

$10,000+ : A-to-Z Project Management and Design Services

  • Full involvement in the project from start to finish.

  • Will help find issues in the market you serve, and create opportunities to fill the voids.

  • Brainstorming, Researching, Analytics, and Manufacturing and Execution Assistance

  • Price adjusted for clients needs and timeline.

  • Payment Plans Available

Elite Custom Service

Please use the contact form for a detailed overview of your needs. My team will reach out as soon as possible.


Design Ideation

Design Direction

Art Direction

Creative Writing



Illustration : 2D hand-drawn traditional and digital illustrations, Photoshop renderings, Photo-bashing, Collages

3D Modeling : including but not limited to: product mockups, character modeling, environment design

UI/UX : Mockups, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality, (examples provided per request)

Video Editing

Drone Cinematography

Presentation Creation

Original Music Creation

Audio Recording and Engineering



Software of Expertise:

Modo 3D

Octane Render

Oculus Medium + Quill

Sketch - UI/UX

Gravity Sketch

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premier pro

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Unreal Engine 4.0

Logic Pro

FL Studio



Blender 3D



Daz 3D

Snap Lens Studio

Traditional Fine Art Expertise:

Hand Drawings

Acrylic and Oil Paintings