Design School Dropout, Unlocking the Codes for all

Hey Everyone!  

A few years ago, I made a website that showcased people's art around the world while simultaneously helping promote someones album. That effort got me a lot of attention and another platform to create on though Complex Media, but one of the biggest lessons and moments of fulfilment I got from that experience was seeing people have a place to be themselves and also propel their careers from that platform. One creator who was showcased there is the creative director of the American boy band Brockhampton, you can see his work here:

The working name of my new venture is "The Design School Dropout". I essentially want to close the gap on the exclusivity associated with going to a design school, and even the subtle difference of information distribution between private and public education. Instead of spending thousands of dollars just to get to one class that teaches you the one trick you were looking for, I want to help expose the plays that can get people from point A to point B more efficiently and sustainably. 

I have always hated having to 'learn the lesson' before getting the trick, we live in a generation now where everything is available, the work is still important to put in, but having the information can greatly accelerate someone's career path and even make their brand more marketable and authentic to themselves faster than ever. 

This Wednesday, May 8th, I'll be starting a free web series that will include my PORTALS to creating a focused product/venture within the creative world. This methodology will help create a point A to point B roadmap, and give people things to aim for, instead of just making aimlessly. This method can be applied to anything, but the point here is to tailor experiences for everyone so we all can be successful and look strong and confident.